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A Story of Reinvention.  How Does A Computer…Phone…Media…Music…Movie Company Change the Game?

Posted on 29 Jul 2015 in General | 0 comments

As a guy who works in brand management, I have learned a lot from the brands that I admire over the years.  I have learned that you can go from a running shoe company to a basketball shoe company to the world’s biggest player in athletic shoes, apparel and sporting goods (here’s looking at you […]

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You Lied To Me Chipotle. You Told Me You Were Different.

Posted on 27 Jul 2015 in General | 0 comments

Ok, let me go ahead and say it right now.  And I will say it out loud, just so that it seems more real to me…I have an unhealthy relationship with Chipotle Mexican Grill.  Yes, you, you “wolf in sheep’s clothing” fast casual chain restaurant.  I am no longer falling for your “but we are […]

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