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My “Friend” Jeff (Bezos) Introduced Me To My Girl Alexa And Now I Can’t Live Without Her

Posted on 20 Jan 2017 in Uncategorized | 0 comments

She understands me. She knows the sports teams I follow and support. She knows how long it will take me to get from home to my office. She helps to make sure I am dressed appropriately for the weather. She knows what is up next on my calendar. When she’s around I don’t have to […]

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If Loving Amazon Is Wrong, Then I Don’t Want To Be Right (And It’s Not About Two-Day Free Shipping)

Posted on 19 Jan 2017 in Professional | 0 comments

A few years ago I proclaimed to the world (OK, that might be a little grandiose)—I proclaimed to the handful of people who actually read this blog (OK, that’s more accurate)—that I had an unhealthy relationship with Chipotle. You know Chipotle. It’s the fast casual Mexican grill that has had what I’ll conservatively label a […]

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