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Injecting New Life Into A Diminishing Brand…One Turbocharged Cylinder At A Time

Posted on 14 Jan 2015 in Professional | 0 comments

For years Acura has been saying that they would re-release the NSX, the only two seat roadster in their portfolio.  Discontinued in the late 1990’s the NSX was a hit with car enthusiasts as it was a super-performing vehicle all while being relatively price friendly…that is if you consider 90 grand price friendly.  While I […]

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Dear Running…I Am Breaking Up With You

Posted on 22 Dec 2014 in Running | 0 comments

Dear Running,   This is hard. I don’t want to do it (okay, maybe I do), but I think we need to break up. I mean, not forever, but at least for a little while. I need to see other people. I need to do other things. It’s not that I don’t like you (well, […]

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What Does Business School Teach You About Elevator Operation Anyhow?

Posted on 21 Oct 2014 in Professional | 0 comments

Let me just start this little diatribe by saying that I learned a great deal in business school.  I learned that I probably made a smart decision by not going to law school.  I learned that I can put my OCD tendencies to work to my benefit rather than my detriment.  I learned to be […]

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The Damn Thing Keeps Eluding Me

Posted on 29 Sep 2014 in Running | 0 comments

If at first you don’t succeed…yeah, yeah I know.  I have been trying again, and again, and again.  So far I guess I have technically tried 14 times.  Well at least I have completed 14 marathons – all well under my self-imposed four-hour time threshold – so technically I have tried to qualify for the […]

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It Takes Some Sweat Equity To Defeat Cancer

Posted on 28 Jul 2014 in General | 0 comments

One in four deaths in the United States is due to cancer.  1.5 million people in the US will be diagnosed with cancer this year alone.  Those figures are staggering but cant compare to the numbers that represent those who have been touched by cancer.  Whether we ourselves have been diagnosed and are a survivor, […]

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Less Than Two Hours From Kickoff

Posted on 26 Jun 2014 in Uncategorized | 0 comments

I have been at the office for two hours now and I can’t concentrate at all.  The USMNT takes on Germany in a little bit and my entire office is ready.  It is insane.  We have called a ton of lunch spots to see if we can reserve a table, and….um no.  Not a chance. […]

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