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Back Again. For The First Time In A Long Time

Posted on 12 Dec 2013 in General | 0 comments

It’s been exactly 19.7 weeks since my last post.  That is 138 days.  That is 3,312 hours.  Suffice to say, it has been quite some time since I have visited and posted any content at all.  Since that time I have switched fitness clubs, started to become a member of the “cult” that is […]

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Ready To Get Back On The Bike

Posted on 26 Jul 2013 in Running | 0 comments

So Team Sales Factory is making the 80-mile journey to Charlotte, NC to ride in the 24 Hours of Booty bike race to benefit the Levine Cancer Institute and the Livestrong Foundation. I am benefitting from the fact that Alex is at the helm of the car, which affords me the opportunity to blog about […]

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It’s All About Cultural Fit

Posted on 24 Jul 2013 in Professional | 0 comments

The human resources world as we know it is changing. It used to be that your resume had to be spot-on and perfect. Those were the days when everyone looking to advance up the corporate ladder had a resume writer to help modify the English language in such a manner that a 10-week internship was […]

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My Diet Is Terrible. I Know It And I Need To Change It. But I Run.

Posted on 17 Jul 2013 in Running | 0 comments

Let me start by saying that my diet is terrible.  I know this.  It always has been.  Always. It’s not like I woke up one day several years ago, after 30 years of healthy eating, and made a conscious decision to forgo eating any and all vegetables and replace them with the spoils of deep […]

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Has The Digital Revolution Changed Art & Creativity Forever?

Posted on 17 Jul 2013 in Professional | 0 comments

Anyone who knows me intimately will tell you, if you ask, that I am a documentary film aficionado.  On any given Saturday of the year, after begrudgingly completing my long run for the week, I can be found in front of my television, my laptop or iPad engrossed in a documentary film, many of them […]

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Providing A Buffer For Better Problem-Solving

Posted on 17 Jul 2013 in Professional | 0 comments

As I sit here on July 4th staring into my laptop screen while most of the rest of the nation is out watching fireworks (because I am looking at my calendar for tomorrow), I came across an interesting read on  In an interview with LinkedIn CEO, Jeff Weiner entitled “The Value of Under-Scheduling“, Weiner […]

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